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What is Leadership Northshore?
As St. Tammany grows and the community becomes more complex and demanding, there is an increasing need to train responsible and informed leaders.

LEADERSHIP NORTHSHORE is an innovative program to assist in preparing emerging community leaders for leadership positions in local government, business and community affairs. The program is directed by a Board of Trustees of community leaders. The purpose is to provide a forum for and increase the awareness of potential leaders by giving them an intense course which encompasses a broad scope of community concerns.

Mission Statement
Leadership Northshore is an issue oriented leadership development program that informs, motivates and increases the awareness of selected participants through seminars and interaction with community decision makers.

Year Goals
  • To develop participant awareness of St. Tammany Parish and the Northshore region, its problems, challenges and opportunities, by examining the major systems which contribute to patterns of life in the area.
  • To develop an understanding of the inter-relationships between systems.
  • To provide opportunities for communication among emerging and established leadership.
  • To be a source of qualified and trained leadership for public and private agencies, organizations, planning bodies and commissions.
  • To motivate and encourage participants to assume leadership roles in community affairs.
  • To broaden the volunteer leadership base.
  • To develop a sense of community leadership by exploring the concept of leadership, by helping participants identify their own leadership style and by introducing participants to leadership techniques.

What are the Objectives?
LEADERSHIP NORTHSHORE should strive to achieve the following objectives:
  • To develop a renewed sense of enthusiasm and "can do" attitude in the community.
  • To identify and select highly motivated, emerging or existing leaders in business, government and the community, to participate in the program.
  • To systematically educated and challenge the participants as to the needs and opportunities of the community and the dynamics of social and economic change.
  • To develop an esprit de corps among the participants to provide a common ground for working together on present and future community projects.
  • To create a dialogue and rapport between the participants and existing community leadership.
  • To stimulate within the participants an increased level of commitment and participation in the community.

How Does it Work?
Following an orientation retreat in September which explores leadership skills, the class will attend nine all day sessions, each focusing on a specific aspect of St. Tammany, such as history, state government, education, media, the judicial system, economic development, etc. Sessions include lectures, simulations, group discussions, panel discussions, field trips and community research projects.

Who is Leadership Northshore For?
Corporate Executives Architects Homemakers
Educators Retailers Engineers
Clergy Attorneys Volunteers
Bankers Physicians and YOU

What is the Tuition?
Tuition of $1,100 covers fees, course materials, luncheons, socials, orientation retreat and group transportation. Partial scholarships are available. The student is required to pay $100 himself, although the employer or sponsor may pay the remainder.

What are the Benefits?
In addition to learning specific leadership skills and gaining a broad exposure to the community, participants also meet their peers in other fields and form contacts which will benefit their volunteer and professional activities.

How do I Apply?
Click here for an application. You may fill this out with Adobe Acrobat (click here to download for free) and print. To submit forms or to inquire further call (985) 643-5678 or contact:
Leadership Northshore
1808 Front Street
Slidell, LA 70459


    Responsibilities of Board of Trustees Members
  • Attend quarterly board meetings. Prepare for the meetings by reading and considering the information mailed prior to the meeting about agenda items. Meetings will be held at 6:00 p.m. the third Monday the months of August, November, February and May.
  • Members are encouraged to attend one program session a year.
  • Represent the organization in the community and represent the Board of Trustees at LEADERSHIP NORTHSHORE functions, both for the current participants and the alumni.

    Responsibilities of Executive Committee
  • Clearly define goals and objectives of LEADERSHIP NORTHSHORE program. Provide yearly review and evaluation to ensure program is meeting those goals.
  • Provide board policy guidelines to program direction for allocation of current resources and for future development.
  • Assure proper administration of our finances and review annual budget.
  • Be knowledgeable about LEADERSHIP NORTHSHORE program –both the annual program and the alumni program.
  • Maintain good public relations – be aware of LEADERSHIP NORTHSHORE’S role in the community.
  • Serve as a review committee for meeting attendance requirements for participants.
  • Serve as a sounding board for new ideas from the various committees as well as the alumni association.
  • Assist in identification of new members for Committees

    Responsibilities of Executive Committee Chair
  • Chair the quarterly meetings. Assist in the agenda preparation.
  • Assist in the curriculum preparation.
  • Welcome new class participants at Opening Retreat in September.

    Responsibilities of Scholarship Committee
  • Determine the level of scholarship support the Board of Directors will extend to needy students.
  • Raise the necessary funds to implement the scholarship program.
  • Distribute those scholarship funds in a manner deemed appropriate by the Scholarship Committee.

    Responsibilities of the Selection Committee
  • Solicit applications for LEADERSHIP NORTHSHORE program.
  • Review and select participants from applications and interviews.
  • Assure selected participants reflect socio-economic, race, gender and occupational mix of community.
  • Provide an evaluation of the selection process and make recommendations for the following year.

    Responsibilities of the Selection Committee Members
  • Attend an orientation meeting in April to review process, correct application form, determine timetable of events, plan public relations activities and set committee schedule.
  • Assist in compilation of mailing list to help identify potential candidates.
  • Once all applications are received, each member must review the the application forms and rank order each one.
  • Attend a meeting in early August to interview candidates and make final selection of participants.
  • Decide the number and amount of scholarships to be awarded.
  • Attend one meeting to evaluate and review selection process and make recommendations.

    Responsibilities of Selection Committee Chairman
  • Chair the committee meetings. Assist in the agenda preparation.
  • Assist in the preparation of solicitation letters to companies, organizations and individuals.
  • Assist in the preparation of notification letters to all applicants.
  • Serve on the LEADERSHIP NORTHSHORE Board of Trustees.
  • Develop an alternate list in event of cancellation from selected group.

    Responsibilities of the Curriculum Committee
  • Determine Program Curriculum
  • Identify key resource people and arrange for them to be part of the appropriate session.
  • Set format and agenda for retreats and workshops.
  • Set dates for retreats and workshops.
  • Set locations for retreats and workshops.
  • Assure that the program content reflects the mission of the program.

    Responsibilities of Curriculum Committee Chairman
  • Chair the committee meetings. Prepare agenda and minutes for each meeting.
  • Appoint appropriate chairman for each session.
  • Train session facilitators in the proper way to teach adults.
  • Assist session chairmen with development of each session to Assure content quality and overall objective is met.
  • Serve on the LEADERSHIP NORTHSHORE Board of Trustees.
Leadership Northshore Board of Trustees

Charles Klepfer, Chairman Michael Tassin, Vice-Chairman Jacob Bolin, Treasurer
Michele Bond, Secretary Michelle Blanchard, Curriculum Chair Mark Myers, Ex-Offficio
Amber Boyd Ashleigh Taylor Carrie Calvin
Dawn Sharpe Kevin Swann Patricia Brown
Ron Davis Troy Brackett Van Joffrion

  Cheri M. Carter, MA, Executive Director

  Irma Cry, Executive Director, Emeritus

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